Ethernet IDC 26 Motion Card

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The MESA 7I92TH is a low cost, general purpose, FPGA based programmable I/O card with 100 BaseT Ethernet host connection.  The 7I92T series replaces the 7I92 series cards. Enhanced features include a larger FPGA, better Ethernet ESD protection, and a pullup/pull down option for the I/O pins. The 7I92TH uses standard parallel port pinouts and connectors for compatibility with most parallel port interfaced motion control / CNC breakout cards/ multi axis step motor drives, allowing a motion control performance boost while retaining a reliable real time Ethernet interface. Unlike the parallel port that the 7I92TH replaces, each I/O bit has individually programmable direction and function. The 7I92TH has a simplified UDP host data transfer system that allows operation in real time if required and compatibility with standard networks for non-real time applications. The 7I92TF provides 34 I/O bits (17 per connector) All I/O bits are 5V tolerant and have pullup or pulldown resistors. A power source option allows the 7I92TH to supply 5V power to breakout boards if desired. Firmware modules are provided for hardware step generation, quadrature encoder counting,  PWM generation, digital I/O,  Smart Serial remote I/O, BISS, SSI, SPI, UART interfaces and more.  Configurations are available that are compatible with common breakout cards and multi axis step motor drives like the Gecko G540 and Leadshine MX3660. All motion control firmware is open source and easily modified to support new functions or different mixes of functions. I/O connectors are 2 x 26 pin latching headers. Header pinout matches standard DB25 breakout boards.

There are currently six 7I92TH compatible breakout cards available from Mesa, the 7I74 through 7I78 and 7I85. The 7I76 is a step/dir oriented breakout with 5 axis of buffered step/dir outputs, one spindle encoder input, one isolated 0-10V analog spindle speed plus isolated direction and enable outputs, one RS-422 expansion port, 32 isolated 5-32V inputs and 16 isolated 5-32V 300 mA outputs. The 7I77 is a analog servo interface with 6 encoder inputs, 6 analog +-10V outputs, one RS-422 expansion port, 32 isolated 5-32V inputs, and 16 isolated 5-32V 300 mA outputs. The 7I92TH supports two breakout cards so for example a 10 Axis step/dir configuration or 12 axis analog servo configuration is possible with a single 7I92TH and two Mesa breakout cards.


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