Smart Serial 48 I/O Card

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The 7I64 is an 24 output, 24 input isolated I/O card.  The 7I64 provides 24 isolated 48VDC 2.5A output drivers.  All output drivers are low saturation voltage MOSFETS for low power dissipation.  Each of the 24 output switches is isolated from the others, allowing high side, low side, push-pull and other output switch configurations.  A built in watchdog timer turns all outputs off if the 7I64 is not accessed within a selectable watchdog timeout interval.  The 24 opto isolated inputs will operate with input voltages from 5 to 24 V.  Reverse protection diodes are provided to allow use with AC inputs.  The 7I64 has three host interface  methods, USB, Serial RS-422 and SPI. T he 7I64 can be USB powered.  The serial interface supports baud rates from 115.2 K baud to 2.5 M baud.  The SPI interface is compatible with MESA’s Anything I/O cards and support high speed real time I/O.  A SPI breakout card (7I46) allows up to six 7I64’s to connect to a single 50 pin Anything I/O connector.  The SPI interface supports data rates to 8 Mbps so a full read/write of all 48 I/O bits takes approximately 4 uSec.  The RS-422 interface at 2.5 MBaud is compatible with HostMot2s SSLBP smart serial interface which can support as many as 32 7I64 cards for a total of 1536 I/O points with real time update rates up to 5 KHz.

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