IDC50 6 Channel Resolver

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The 7I49 is a 6 channel resolver interface with 6 additional +-10V analog outputs. The 7I49 is intended for applications that read standalone resolvers, as the 7I49 generates the resolver reference excitation. The 7I49 can be used with 1:1 and 1:2 transformation ratio resolvers.  The 7I49 has approximately 14 bits of resolution and 12 bits of absolute accuracy. The 7I49 FPGA interface module allows velocity and absolute position readout from the host. The 7I49 has selectable excitation frequencies, from 2.5 KHz up to 10 KHz. Host position readout is updated at 256 times the excitation frequency to reduce aliasing when host sampling is not synchronous with the excitation frequency.  Velocity resolution is approximately 1 RPM.  The 7I49 uses a oversampling A-D followed by a tracking filter. Filter coefficients may be changed to trade off noise versus acceleration tracking ability.  All resolver and analog I/O is via 3.5 MM pluggable screw terminal blocks.  The 7I49 requires a single 5V power supply.

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