• LinuxCNC 2.7 on RTAI

The RTAI real time kernel generally works better for software step generation and usually has lower latency.

Hard Drive pre-loaded with LinuxMint 17.3, Mate Desktop, RTAI kernel and LinuxCNC for PCI or PCIe  Cards or Parallel Port use . A fast and painless way to get up and running with LinuxCNC. Also included is some G code generators and other tools needed on a CNC machine.

  • Works with the 5i25, 6i25, 5i24-16, or 6i24-16 Mesa Cards or the Parallel Port applications.
  • Faster software step generation for Parallel Port applications.
  • Current stable release of LinuxCNC
  • Fast and painless way to get up and running with LinuxCNC
  • Auto updates as releases are made

Hard drive specs: WD SATA 3.0Gb/s, Capacity 80GB, RPM 7200, Cache 8MB, Form 3.5"

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LinuxCNC 2.7 on RTAI

  • Product Code: LM-17.3 V2.7 RTAI
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