LinuxCNC Types

  • Uspace is required for any Ethernet card like the 7i92 series and the 7i76e.
    Uspace will work with any Mesa card.
  • RTAI will give lower latency usually for faster software stepping.
    RTAI will work with any Mesa PCI or PCIe card and parallel port applications.

LinuxCNC Versions

  • 2.7 is the current stable branch.
  • 2.8 is the current development branch and may break from time to time.
    Features in the 2.8 branch not in 2.7 include the Joint Axes development that separates Joints (motors)
    from Axes. This allows gantry type machines to properly home with a motor on each side of the gantry.
    Users of the development branch are urged to pay attention to the commit activity here.

LinuxCNC updates are provided to 2.7 as they are released and to 2.8 when I feel it is stable.

Operating Systems

  • Linux Mint 17.3 32 bit with the Mate desktop.
  • Linux Mint 18 32 bit with the Mate desktop.
  • Linux Mint 18 64 bit with the Mate desktop.
  • Debian Wheezy 32 bit with the Mate desktop.

All operating systems have been tweaked to remove annoying features and some added programs to help with
machining have been added.

Hard drive specs: SAMSUNG SSD 120G 850 EVO Internal Solid State Disk Hard Drive HDD SATAIII SATA 3

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