• 7I47S 8/12 Channel motion oriented RS-422 interface with analog out

The 7I47S is a 12 input, 8 output  RS-422 interface for Mesa's Anything I/O series of FPGA interface cards. The 7I47S is designed for motion control applications, both for buffering FPGA outputs and for conditioning RS-422 inputs.  In addition the 7I47S has an isolated potentiometer type analog output.  This analog output can be used for spindle speed control applications.  Three opto isolated outputs are also available.  One is intended for direction, one for enable, and one for general purpose use.  The RS-422 outputs can be used as single ended outputs for driving ground or +5V referenced loads.  When used as single ended outputs, the 7I47 outputs swing from 0 to 5V and will sink or source 20mA.  12 LEDS monitor encoder input status.  The 7I47 can also supply 5V power to encoders.  The analog output range is determined by the user supplied analog reference.  The analog output reference can be from 5 to 15 VDC.  The controller connection is a 50 pin header that matches the pinout of Mesa'a Anything I/O cards.  All buffered I/O is terminated with 3.5 mm pluggable screw terminals (supplied).

7i47S Manual


The 7I47S has differential inputs, They are not designed to interface with single ended signals but can if needed.

The only way the inputs will work reliably is to have a positive differential voltage across the inputs in one case and a negative differential voltage in the other case.

If you have single ended say 5V signals you wish to read what you can do is this:

Make a low impedance voltage reference of 2.5V with 2 series 100 Ohm resistors from the 7I47S 5V pins.

Connect this 2.5V reference to the inverted input pin of all the 7I47S inputs
you wish to use, then connect your 5V single ended signals to the non-inverted inputs. Now when you input signal is 5V the input pair see +2.5V and when input signal is 0V, The input pair see -2.5V

(this will only work with termination off)

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7I47S 8/12 Channel motion oriented RS-422 interface with analog out

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